In person lessons returning - register your interest now!

Image with Loudspeaker and the text "Important Announcement"

We are working hard in CCÉ Leixlip to get everyone back to learning Irish Music, Song and Dance in person with our fantastic tutors.

The relaxation of COVID19 restrictions from the 20th of September will allow for indoor activities and arts classes to resume. Although a date is now on the horizon, there are many more challenges that we must overcome. Schools and venues are awaiting guidance on their obligations around keeping a venue safe and clean, we await clarification on whether certain instruments or activities will have more restrictions than others and crucially we must organise safe, separate class "pods" for all pupils.

We know that many of our new and returning pupils are reluctant to return to online classes and we want to assure you that our primary goal is the return of in-person classes as soon as possible. Classes will return online from the 20th of September, as soon as it is possible they will move to in-person lessons with those already registered receiving first preference for classes.

It is crucial for all those seeking to return to classes to register their interest to do so soon as possible. This will not only secure your place(s) in our in-person classes when they return(which will be limited by pod restrictions) but it is vital so that our committee can make all the necessary preparations.

How to Register for a Class:

Note: If you are registering a pupil U18, as per our Child Protection Policy, an email address of a parent/guardian must be provided.