Code of Practice

The Code of Practice is to safeguard the welfare of the children/vulnerable adults in our charge and to ensure a safe environment for young people, teachers, branch members and volunteers alike.


Branch Classes/Activities

The Branch will be responsible for the appointment of teachers/tutors.

  • There will be adequate supervision of young people while they are waiting for their class.
  • While under the supervision of CCE children should follow, the direction of tutors/supervisors.
  • A supervision log and incident report book will be kept.
  • Ensure that two adults preferably one male and one female, or an adult tutor and one other adult are at the venue prior to classes.
  • Parents bring their children to the Designated Assembly Area.
  • Tutors and parents should be aware of the class timetable.
  • Drop off and collection times should be strictly adhered to.
  • A class register will be kept by each teacher.
  • Arrange seating appropriately for both tutor and pupil with respect to physical proximity.
  • Where classes are conducted on a one to one basis it is recommended that the classroom door will be left open.
  • Use verbal affirmation to praise rather than physical touch.
  • Never use physical forms of discipline.
  • Ensure that after class activity all children are collected promptly.
  • If a child is not collected parents will be contacted.
  • In exceptional circumstances should a child need to be transported Two adults 1male and 1 female should be in the car



It is necessary for a tutor to report inappropriate behaviour to a branch supervisor and to the DLP. Trust your intuition if a pupil is acting inappropriately and take action to implement measures to reduce it.


DLP will follow Child Protection Policy and Children First Guidelines 2011

In the case of an accident it will be reported to the supervisor and an Incident report form will be filled and kept on file.

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